About us.

Since its founding in 1994, the company experienced steady growth due to the increasing demand for optimisation of existing kilns and grinding plants. Long-term commitment – Long-term partnership including the best possible support for our customers is our top priority. In addition, we maintain a strong internal team spirit and mutual support.

● Our vision

Finest Solutions

We want to be a reliable, future-oriented and high-quality contact point for individual solutions in the cement and mineral industry – worldwide.

● Our values

Innovative & Long Term

Long-term commitment
– Long-term partnership including the best possible support for our customers is our top priority. In addition, we maintain a strong internal team spirit and mutual support.

Innovation – With sustainable, future-oriented thinking, we offer well-grounded service, innovative products at the highest technical level, and progressive and creative special solutions.

Extra Mile – With our passion for continuous improvement, we aim to provide high quality service to the full satisfaction of our customers.


The company history of the renowned family business began 30 years ago with the foundation by Mr. Josef Keuschnigg Senior. He was significantly responsible for the establishment of the company and the development of the products. Early on, he and dedicated employees began working together to build success and to expand the product line. The company is now successfully continued in the second generation by Mr. Josef Keuschnigg Junior. Highlights and milestones of the “innovation hub PMT” are shown in the timeline.



● 1992
First patents
Patent for the double dip tube cyclone, patent for guide vanes.
● 1994
Company formation
PMT Gesteinsvermahlungstechnik GmbH with headquarter in Krems.
● 1996
Business Milestone I
First successful projects outside Europe in the cement industry in the USA.
● 1997
Wood processing industry
First cyclone separators for the wood processing industry.
● 1998
Product launch of the high-performance classifier, first classifying plants in the mineral industries (lime, gypsum, etc.)
● 2000
High-performance classifier
Patent ADS blades for classifier rotors, first PMT cement separator in the cement industry.
● 2003
New home
New company building in Gleisdorf (Styria).
● 2003
New kiln products
First kiln inlet and gas bypass as well as various products for meal feeding at preheater kilns.
● 2004
PMT Gesteinsvermahlungstechnik GmbH becomes PM-Technologies GmbH.
● 2005
Raw meal grinding
Patent impact plate technology for hammer mills, first retrofit to increase raw meal capacity by +50%.
● 2006
Business Milestone II
First project with contract value > € 1 million.
● 2006
New business segment
First orders in the steel producing industry.
● 2008
First optimizations on calciners of existing kiln plants.
● 2010
Large-scale expansion of the company building located in Gleisdorf.
● 2011
First hot meal bypass
New cost-attractive system solution for chlorine extraction.
● 2012
Business Milestone III
First project with contract value > € 5 million.
● 2013
First calciner & patent
Unique calciner solution with patented calciner mixing chamber.
● 2014
Business Milestone IV
The 6 continents are complete. PMT Business worldwide.
● 2015
Flash Dryer
Extension of the product portfolio with the Flash Dryer for pre-drying RDF.
● 2020
New managing director
Entry into the management of Josef Keuschnigg Jun.
● 2021
100% AFR
First calciner for 100% TSR on a kiln line with >95% total TSR.
● 2021
Business handover
Transfer of the company shares to Josef Keuschnigg Jun.
● 2022
Retirement of Josef Keuschnigg Sen.
● 2023
Rebranding to PMT. New generation, new drive.

● Management

“What you like to do, you do well” – is not only personal drive and motivation, but rather the guarantor of progress and quality. Current and future global challenges commit us to sustainability and long-term thinking. We contribute our share with passion, team spirit and innovative strength.
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Bernd Klarner

CTO, Business Development | DI

Josef Keuschnigg

CEO, Business Development | DI (FH)


PMT looks forward to meeting you at the 2024 IEEE-IAS/PCA Cement Conference.

We will be present at this year’s IEEE-IAS/PCA Cement Conference, from April 28th to May 02nd, in Denver.

Representation is done in cooperation with Cement Alliance, who will be happy to welcome you at booth 1438.